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Digerex Motor unit application

Started by Digerex.T, Sep 15, 2019, 06:01 pm

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Teamspeak Digerex.T  ingame name/ Digerex.T    Discord name  :Digerex.T


Current ranks (LEO)(TS): Deputy chief, SRT member

Why do you wish to join the motor unit? min (40 words)I would like to Join motor unit do have one more Sub division to be apart of, this means that officer Digerex Tim can be helping the community in many diffrent ways, both SRT and As MPD. I also belive it is good to have expericanse with manny diffrent motor vehicles. I also belive it is good to be back in motor unit because i was apart of it when Noob was in charge

Describe your overall expirence in roleplaying as law enforcement? I have been roleplaying as an LEO for a long time and i feel that my charcahter has been evolev alot both within Police and as a civ, But as an officer i can say with confident that i know what i am doing and always keep in mind that police is to protect and serve the commonity of Miami

If accepted would you be able to attend a tryout / training (WHEN)(MIC REQ) Yes i would be happy to attend to trainings, but it would be best on a sunday or saturday. And yes i have a working mic, 2 infact

Being a motor unit, do you understand if your roleplaying as one a motor unit supervisor
is in charge of you even if they are lower ranked then you in a AGENCY (FHP,SO)  ( YES OR NO ) Yes, i understand


motor is on hold until further notice