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Motorunit app

Started by Knightfury56, Sep 11, 2019, 11:32 am

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Teamspeak Name/In-game name/Discord name:knightfury56


Current ranks (LEO)(TS):deputy

Why do you wish to join the motor unit? min (40 words)
I wish to join motor unit because I used to be in motor unit when noob was in charge of it and wanna come back and continue being motor unit

Describe your overall expirence in roleplaying as law enforcement?
Got to know alot of the codes and what rto is and that not everything goes smooth

If accepted would you be able to attend a tryout / training (WHEN avalible)(MIC REQ)

Being a motor unit, do you understand if your roleplaying as one a motor unit supervisor
is in charge of you even if they are lower ranked then you in a AGENCY (FHP,SO)  ( YES)


motor is on hold until further notice