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Started by Eric, May 07, 2019, 01:35 pm

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Just as a rough outline as what NOT to put in your unban appeal. I have seen it a lot and it seems to get by but it 100% should not.

Firstly, if you have an anger issue, that is fine. It still doesn't help the fact that you hurled abuse at staff members, or mass RDMed. Personally, I really don't need a personal condition to explain rulebreaks.

If you have broken a rule, you have broken a rule. It's simple.

We have rules in place to control the RP standard on the server, and if you violate these, it's pretty much within our right to ban you for it. There may be circumstances where a Staff Member has not got the whole story and just issued punishments. i.e. they see the kill log at peacetime and you get warned for shooting during peacetime. Personally as a staff member, I would verify the context of what the rulebreak is. If you are out of AOP doing a training (you should be on the training server) the chances are I won't warn you or kick you.

You need to look at the ban appeal formats before you put in a ban appeal. This happens a sizeable amount. You don't follow the structure, so we have no clue who you are, just a forum name, no SteamID and management cannot speak to the staff member involved with the ban.

Include a paragraph about "why you should be unbanned" that has effort put into it.
If I had $0.50 for each time I see "i was about to donate" or "i love this server and i don't want to lose it" I would literally be able to buy a new PC for Eric. If you don't put in effort to get unbanned why should we make the effort to unban you?

If you can include evidence about your ban i.e. if you run ShadowPlay and you captured what you were doing when you were banned that would be great too. It helps management judge the situation that you were banned in (if possible include footage BEFORE and AFTER the incident too)

2nd Chances
I'll admit, I'm here on a second chance, but you need to take into consideration that the team have discretion on whether to revoke that chance. If you get unbanned, you need to take into consideration what you have been banned for before and make sure you don't do it again!

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