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Andrew G [Gruppe Six Security APP)

Started by Andrew G., Dec 07, 2019, 01:45 pm

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Andrew G.

Age: 16

Name: Discord/Teamspeak/Ingame: Aviation1391#6555 , Andrew G, Andrew G

Hours played (please ask a staff member to check): ALOT

Current teamspeak ranks:
AIR 1 Certified
Asst. Sheriff
Asst. Chief
SRT Trainee

How can you benefit our company? (30 word min.) In Gruppe Six i will have the confidence and skills with the ability of awareness of my surroundings meaning i will have full eyes open at all times, I am responsible for all my actions, I have good communication skills (ENGLISH) I have good reaction times in situations. I have been a LEO for over a year which i have therefore gained amazing experience with right and wrong and i know my rights! I am very passionate on taking on this role!

Describe in detail how you would you handle a call about trespassing at the boathouse for instance?: I would switch on the Yellow ELS and follow and safe procedure heading towards the boathouse at a good distance and visually scanning the whole area, When i arrive near the boat house i will have my hands on my firearm for my safety and check for any suspicious evidence of a trespass such as footprints are sounds, i would shout "Gruppe Six security anyone around the area!" I would then take my firearm out for my own protection point my firearm down on the ground and sneak around the perimeter i would also request a additional backup if it really necessary.

How can you make the owners of the property feel like they are in good hands? ( 40 word min, please use more): Be respectful and kind, Have full responsibility on mine and others actions, Patrol every perimeter of property, Show that we are carrying lethal weapons to show that they are safe and well protected in case anything bad occurs and to show that we are ready! I will always check on the property's and see if everything is going well or the citizen if they are feeling good, And for last i will always keep an eye out!

Give 1 reason for why it would be acceptable to use lights on a public road: If it is a high priority security call and also you have to be very careful going through traffic as traffic can build up but overall if it's a priority then you should use the ELS.

Give 1 reason why it would be acceptable to use a siren on a public road: If the security call is a priority such as someone breaking in with guns into some type of facility or property that't the time to execute emergency lights and sirens and of course be careful going through the roads as traffic can build up but sirens will help that situation as cars should move over letting you pass.

When Accepted, you will be held to a high level of professionalism, Do you accept this? Indeed [YES]

We appreciate your application! Thank you!