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Eran-securty appliction

Started by Eran zab, Oct 20, 2019, 04:01 pm

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Eran zab


Name: Discord/Teamspeak/Ingame:Eran

Hours played (please ask a staff member to check):60

Current teamspeak ranks:recruit fhp

How can you benefit our company? (30 word min.):i will protect and serv the owners of the bildings i will not be an fair gard i will report to the police on any case of Emrgence!

Describe in detail how you would you handle a call about trespassing at the boathouse for instance?: i will go over there and chck what is the problem with the ped that trespassing in the area if that ped will be armd so in that case i will call to police

How can you make the owners of the property feel like they are in good hands? ( 40 word min, please use more):i will report on anyting and will be with the police on call any time if there any case to that and i will protect the ownership poropty

Give 1 reason for why it would be acceptable to use lights on a public road:becuse any one need to no there is bodygard in area

Give 1 reason why it would be acceptable to use a siren on a public road:becuse i dont no how to wirte this

When Accepted, you will be held to a high level of professionalism, Do you accept this?:yes

We appreciate your application!