Apr 07, 2020, 06:43 pm

Eran-FHP motor unit appliction

Started by Eran zab, Oct 20, 2019, 03:50 pm

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Eran zab


Current ranks (LEO)(TS):recruit FHP

Why do you wish to join the motor unit? min (40 words): becuse i in the fhp and i want to be on this dpet becuse i dont see many of motor units and i like bikes i will be help in 10-80s i will be fair officer and i will protect and serv like i love and no to do!

Describe your overall expirence in roleplaying as law enforcement?:amizing im in the FHP this was my dreem to be in fhp and the motor unit is part of that so i very like this

If accepted would you be able to attend a tryout / training (WHEN)(MIC REQ):yes of cors i will be waiting for training

Being a motor unit, do you understand if your roleplaying as one a motor unit supervisor
is in charge of you even if they are lower ranked then you in a AGENCY (FHP,SO)  ( YES OR NO ):yes

Thank you for You understanding and best of luck!